Friday, April 28, 2006

Update Easter Camp
Easter camp was da bomb! Yet again I gave in to God's presence and beauty as he changed me from the inside. I remember one easter camp where I promised myself that I would never have to go up the front again. I promised myself I wouldn't sin. LOL! Oh how nieve can one get. Every year I come back to God realising that I haven't delt with stuff that I thought I had. I belive that only when we are fully in God's presence does everything make sense. What is truely good. What is truely bad. The connection with God is unbeliveably important. I urge everyone reading this to make sure you are connecting with God. You probably already are, but yea. And remember, if you are ever in a place where you feel nothing is going right or that no one loves you. GOD LOVES U! ALWAYS AND FOREVER.
Update Job
I have sent out over 10 c.v's so I'm hoping to hear something soon. I am also starting another course called Work Track that runs for 6 weeks. I plan to have a job before it finishes. Please pray that I get one and where God needs me. THANK YOU.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Waltham Fair Over - Easter Camp Coming!

Man life is good! As soon as one fun thing finishes, another is just around the corner.

The food stall we had at the Waltham Fair did really well. Thank you to all who helped out and to Andrew for his baking contribution. You can find out Andrews view of the fair about the info stall he was running if you check out his blog.

Easter Camp is not very far away peoples. Please remember to arrange your own tent. I'm soo looking forward to Easter Camp. With: God, Food, Fun, company, What more could you ask for? *HUGS* to everyone :)